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Hong Kong’s 1st EV Mixer Truck has hit the market

Swap batteries in 5 minutes, 40 minutes to charge 80%, FOTON & New Energy Asia Pacific(authorized distributor) released Hong Kong’s first EV Mixer Truck in Hong Kong market on February 27. It meets the global high regulatory requirements, has a range of 160 km, can be operated efficiently by fast charging or power exchange, which greatly reduces carbon emissions.

FOTON EV Mixer Truck is equipped with both fast charging and swapping battery modes, which can realize 40 minutes from 20% to 80% power, and the power exchange system can realize 5 minutes fast power exchange to meet high attendance, low-carbon and other low-cost operation needs. The product meets the Hong Kong driver’s high standard requirements for vehicle comfort, the cab is equipped with LCD instrument panel, adjustable air conditioning, 360 degree panoramic parking camera, equipment control settings and has low noise driving quality while being fully environmentally friendly.

As a market with high regulations, Hong Kong has strict restrictions on speeding and overloading. FOTON will put MA5 lightweight pure electric mixer truck in this year to maintain a good driving and operating environment in the market and fully help the city construction.



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