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FOTON EV (1st level) Training Course

We held FOTON EV (1st level) training course on February 24th and 25th, 2023 at Harbor Plaza Hotel. We invited professional lecturers from Foton to explain the basic skills and knowledge required for Foton electric heavy truck.

Topics include

  • Basic principles of power batteries

  • Basic knowledge of battery cells

  • CATL batteries introduction and differences of different battery boxes

  • User manuals for EV batteries

  • Brief introduction of battery structure

  • Precautions for daily use of batteries

  • Safety precautions for battery maintenance

  • Battery system installation & actual vehicle operation.

This course helps ensure that only trained professionals can sell, service and repair Foton electric heavy-duty trucks in a responsible and safe manner, while providing consumers with more correct electric vehicle information to make an informed choice.

Electric heavy-duty trucks and gasoline-powered heavy-duty trucks have many similar components, but there are significant differences between them.

Most people, do not fully understand the basics of how electric heavy duty trucks run/operate, let alone how to properly and safely service them. This applies not only to the maintenance industry, but also to the transportation and sales industry.

In view of this, our company will carry out training courses for various types of electric vehicles from time to time, which is not only applicable to the maintenance industry, but also to the transportation and sales industries. We hope that everyone can actively participate!

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