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New Releases: Kaiyi X3 Pro EV (Taxi)

凱翼 X3 Pro EV 純電動的士最新外觀靚照出爐!

凱翼X3 Pro EV 純電動的士自有的時尚外型,搭配上香港的士一貫沿用的車身顏色,如此時尚和個性化令人眼前一亮。

Kaiyi X3 Pro EV Taxi has its own sleek appearance, featuring the iconic body color that has long been associated with Hong Kong taxis, exuding a sense of style and individuality.



The smooth body line extending from the front of the car to the back, creating a strong sense of movement, giving people the perfect integrity and coherence of visual enjoyment.

The wheelbase of the vehicle is 2632mm, the 1831mm ultra-wide body, with 400+KM abundance battery life and driving assistance system, providing drivers and passengers with a safe and reliable driving environment and comfortable riding experience.

凱翼X3 Pro EV 純電動的士全港將會引進5000台!


The vehicles will adopt an integrated fleet management system for enhancing vehicle efficiency and safety and reducing operational costs, and also supporting digital reservation and payment on major collection platforms to provide a secure and convenient environment .



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