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Develop a decoupled braking energy recovery system to achieve motor braking priority, to avoid the synchronous superposition of motor brake and mechanical brake commonly used in the new energy industry. It can effectively improve the braking energy recovery rate by 3-5% and extend the driving range by 5-10km to reduce the cost of use;

Foton independently develops VCU and adopts PEU five-in-one controller. The PEU system integrates MCU (motor drive), DC-DC (voltage adjustment), OBC (on-board charger), and PTC (on-board heater) and other functions, high integration, advanced algorithms, precise control, and reduce energy consumption under the working conditions of coagulation trucks;


Powerful, equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 360kW and a torque of 2400N m. The cruising range of worry-free driving exceeds 160 kilometers, 5 minutes of battery replacement, 2 hours saved, and more efficient transportation. 

AMT pure electric system is suitable for the drive power requirements of heavy trucks, and can achieve high power and high torque.


The electric mixer truck has a leading level of technical research on the electronic control system, energy recovery system and bodywork drive system. It adopts a number of new technologies to reduce energy consumption during concrete transportation, reducing the cost of use and driver anxiety.

The top-mounted mixing tank adopts a motor reducer to directly drive the tank, and the transmission system is simple. Compared with the motor-hydraulic system (motor + hydraulic pump + hydraulic motor + reducer) used by competing products, the transmission efficiency is increased from 85% to 96%, and Increase 13%  the power consumption of the top-mounted mixing tank.


Using a series of new materials, new technologies and new processes, the weight of the electric mixer is 1 ton lower than that of competing products.

The lightweight design of the upper body is optimized from the tank assembly, cleaning system and sub-frame assembly, and the weight of the upper body is greatly reduced.


No pollution in emissions: no diesel and urea are consumed, and no harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particles are produced;

Low noise: When the vehicle is in use, the noise is extremely low, it does not disturb the residents, and the construction environment is greatly improved;

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